Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Tree is up

After so many years of having a different opinion (of course I was right) than the rest of the family we finally have a tree of white lights.  Danica and I went out an picked out an artificial tree - the first ever, we have always had a real tree and will miss it but am happy with the ease of the artificial.  Jaimee couldn't wait to put it up so she asked if she could do it... why not I say - it is not like all other corners of the living room and dining room aren't full already - oye.  Anyhow, she took it upon herself to figure out how it should be done.  Danica and I are not ones to read directions - Jaimee must get that from her dad.

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Michelle Bertuzzi said...

LOL, I don't read directions either!
These are pretty photos Laurel! Love your hair!