Wednesday, December 12, 2012


12-12-12 is the date today and I set out to take 12 pictures to document 'a day in my life'.  Well I spent much of my working day in meeting and then at home 2 sick kids - one with pneumomia so not a lot of action was happening.

My new mug - everyone needs a red Christmas mug don't they?  Well I thought so, which is why I bought it for myself.  Besides that, I like a good big heavy mug for my tea.

A new Christmas decoration I purchased at an Antique Shop - I love Santa, especially a vintage one.

Our school had a Jingle Bell Jog - we did our daily run all carrying a bell and jingling as we went.  At the end we had a surprise visit from someone - Santa!

Our school is having a door decorating contest and the criteria is: 10 plain papers, 10 colored papers, 5 recycled items and 3 mystery items.  My grade ones did a lot of brainstorming and came up with many ideas - from 'a sign that says Mrs. Seabrook's class', 'we could have a wreath', 'we could have a snowman' and even 'have Santa in his sleigh'.  We decided to make it a North Pole theme and incorporate all of it!

Love the sign - Mrs. Seabrook's class and the other one says Elf Workshop (the grade ones beside us have created a door full of elves so the sign is pointing to their class).

A 3D tree, a paper plate wreath.

A couple of sick kiddos who both missed school today - Danica missed yesterday too.

I took Danica into the Walk in Clinic and she has pneumonia - poor thing.

Someone wants to go for a run - definitely not getting as many as he is used to with the kitchen reno and 'busyness' of things around here lately.

No stove but we have an oven - tonight frozen pizza for dinner.  I didn't get home with Danica until late and neither of the kids felt like eating.

Someone is quite happy to have people home to snuggle with

The Man Room

No Hockey on TV this year - but always something to watch.

And I finally snuck in my craft room to create something quick.  Looking forward to Christmas break so I can hopefully get our house back in order including my craft room!  Then perhaps the mojo will return!

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