Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Etcetera cupboard - works well...not

I had my dad build me this wonderful cabinet.  This is the picture I took when I first finished painting it before we started to use it.  I wanted it to be a catchall for all the stuff that comes in our front door ;)  Very handy, easy to access (no doors to open, no drawers to pull out - easy, peesy).

Here we are a few weeks later and this is how Jaimee uses it.  Yes my 17 year old, this is her way of putting them away when I asked her to do so.  My 17 year old who leaves a trail of where she has been - stuff out, lights on...yes and this is how she puts her stuff away in the cupboard.


Nicolle Kramer said...

Your daughter too? Haa I thought I was alone with the teen that leaves a trail..;)

Lee-Anne Clarke said...

It looks just like my almost 17 year old daughters trail of stuff. Did we do that?

Lee-Anne Clarke said...

Also, the cupboard is functional and beautiful.