Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Table

Once again doing my own version of Project Life - mine is Project whenever you remember to take a photo of our day to day life :)

Today I finally got a photo of our new table.  Now if I had my way it would be painted white and then distressed for a real farmhouse style table but Jason just can't do that so I have a modern farmhouse style table - I will keep a white table cloth on it a lot to give me the white I want ;)   Now, nothing like a photo to make you see things - love the corn broom in the corner - probably still there from the kitchen reno cleaning and such - must have gotten used to it being there and didn't 'see' it LOL  In the other corner are som stools that were given to us since we now have a sitting area looking into the kitchen.  Those stools are just screaming for me to paint them and I will.

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