Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's been awhile, life happens

It has been awhile.  So much for Project 365... Life 365 happens!  So much to do and no time to take any photos of it.  Either that or our weather has been so terrible that I ran out of things to take photos of inside.  Anyhow, Danica is sick so she is not competing in the track meet this weekend.  I managed to squeak in some time in my gardens again.  So much more to do but I am happy, I have done more in them by this time this year than I have any other year.  Here are some shots of what is out now.

Love the pop of red from the Japonicas.

Mine and Danica's favorite at this time of year, the full white bush in the front of our house.

And finally, they are coming... Can't wait for my lilacs!


Michelle said...

You're right, life happens 365! Your garden is looking lovely!

Barb said...

beautiful! i miss my flower gardens :)