Saturday, April 14, 2012

An afternoon's work

I spent a couple of hours in the flower beds today, interrupted by laundry, driving Jaimee to and from work...slowly but surely these will be ready for me to enjoy one day (I hope).  My beds are mostly green and white, love the calmness of this.  I am building up the beds with white lilacs, hydrangea, pee gee hydrangea, azalea, bleeding heart, evergreen clematis, hostas, ferns and in May I will add lots of white impatients.  In the meantime, I am in the midst of weeding, transplanting and dividing plants and digging up sod.  It is all in a days work:

I usually take out about 5 wheelbarrows full of weeds and such each spring.

Some buds coming on my white hydrangea, can't wait until it is in bloom.

Today I made my first purchases for this year.  I planted some white pansies in the bed by my front door and also a few at the end of our driveway.

I purchased 3 white azaleas for the walkway up to our front door.

And a I bought a new clematis...

which is to replace this one, which to my astonishment... my neighbor cut back and dug out (of my flower bed!).  I couldn't believe it... needless to say we now have a fence dividing our yards and I hope one day the new clematis looks like this.


Barb said...

ummm...why did your neighbor destroy your plant??? i love gardening too. i hope you'll share more pics as it changes throughout spring/summer. would love to see it.

Michelle said...

Laurel, I missed this story. What a shocker of a neighbour! Many years ago, our neighbour cut down our Jasmine which was in full bloom at the time. I'm not sure where people get the idea that they can do things like this. Crazy! I hope your new clematis is growing well.